We are explorers of new lands: since the company was founded in 1959, we have come a long way, establishing new roots in Padua, Parma and San Daniele. Today, Martelli has seven production units and slaughters 700,000 pigs per year in order to produce a complete range of meats, cured/cooked meats and cold cuts, which are guaranteed thanks to many hygiene checks, DOP (PDO) regulations and certifications. Our products are also exported and appreciated in distant lands such as Japan, Australia and the USA.


A modern, cutting-edge facility where we only process pigs bred according to the regulations of the Parma Ham and the San Daniele Ham Consortiums. This is our slaughter plant. Situated in Dosolo, in the province of Mantua, it consists of two production units: the abattoir and the processing plant, where meat is processed and packaged. Butchered pork is chosen by leading large-scale retail groups for its high standard of quality, and by many cured meat factories in Italy. Naturally, part of the daily production of the abattoir is used to make our cured meats. The pride of our slaughter plant is USDA certification, one of the highest acknowledgements for food safety and a health benchmark for exports to all countries worldwide.


With a production capacity of 20,000 pieces per week, the Boara Pisani plant in the province of Padua is the centre of production for cooked and sliced hams. Built on an area covering almost 20,000 square metres to comply with the highest standards of quality and, in particular, to qualify for the export of cured meats to the United States and Japan, it is equipped with the latest technology. Here, in addition to whole cooked hams under the Martelli brand and under the brand names of leading retail chains, we produce cooked specialities such as roast turkey and sliced and diced cold cuts, as well as bacon, cooked delicacies and various packaged specialities.


Our Parma Ham PDO is produced in three plants exclusively in the province of Parma: one in Sala Baganza and two in Langhirano (PR). All of them are approved for export to the USA and to many non-EU countries. One of the plants in Langhirano is also a de-boning and slicing centre for all Martelli Group cured hams. Although the plants are equipped with the best technologies and automation, the final inspection is always entrusted to experienced operators. Each plant has its own production philosophy, which varies according to the size and curing of the ham. We can therefore offer a wide range of whole and sliced cured hams to meet the needs of all customers: from Parma Ham with an excellent quality-price ratio to the top of the range with 24-month curing, all guaranteed by the Martelli controlled production chain.


At plant number 27 in Via Gemona, San Daniele del Friuli, only the best Italian legs of pork are processed, selected every day from thousands in our abattoir. Here, thanks to the ideal microclimate for curing raw hams and to highly specialised, expert hands, we produce ‘Prosciutto di San Daniele “Il Ventisette’. In this plant we use state-of-the-art technology while always respecting tradition and the protocols prescribed by the production regulations of San Daniele Ham, a unique and unparalleled product.